The Banking Is program, a national, sponsored learning system for schools, designed to provide an introduction to the financial services industry and to money management skills.

The Banking Is program can fit within your financial institution's goals by:

The Student Study Guide and Practice Checkset covers include a logo of the sponsor. Supplying the Banking Is program to local schools is a valuable public service. Although the materials are not considered to be advertising, the sponsor will derive goodwill, advertising benefits and potential customers from the program.

Program Benefits
Many sponsoring organizations designate a staff person as a Student-Banking Counselor. The person selected for this job should easily relate to high school students. GreenPath, Inc. will provide a Student-Banking Counselor kit at no additional cost.

If a Student-Banking Counselor visits the school, he/she can answer specific questions concerning the banking industry. This person is in a key position to create a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship between students and the sponsoring financial institution.

Sponsors might be interested in hosting a field trip for the students. Students and teachers welcome this type of learning opportunity and many relationships may be built through an event such as a site tour. Media might be interested in this field trip as well.

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