Student Study Guide: A comprehensive instructional booklet that includes an introduction to the financial services industry and money management skills. It supports a five-period classroom format: 1) Budgeting 2) Regulatory Control 3) Checking/Electronic Banking 4) Savings/Lending 5) Student Interaction.


Practice Checkset: The checkset is designed to reinforce the practice of using sound check writing techniques. The classroom application covers an exercise in checkwriting, depositing and account reconciliation.



Instructor's Guide: An effective teaching aid that allows for a minimum of preparation time. It has been designed to work "hand in hand" with each program component to maximize instructional time.



Video/DVD: A presentation that reviews the history of banking and some of the services offered by financial institutions. It is a good introduction before beginning the Study Guide and Checkset exercises.


Transparencies/Powerpoint: A visual aid in the instruction of opening and properly maintaining a checking account. Transparencies can be written on with a crayon or dry-erase marker, so you can easily illustrate to the entire class.


CD: The software contains exercises to complement the program. The CD provides students with additional practice in applying the concepts they have learned in the Banking Is program.